Youth Camp 2018


Youth Summer Camp - Rahmah Happy Campers Journey to Bliss : First Series - SUMMER OF SUNNAH!!!

***SUMMER OF SUNNAH*** A new day, a new beginning for campers @ Rahmah Foundation!!!!

Imam, Shaikh Ibraheem Bakeer welcomes RAHMAH Campers 2018!!! He explained significance of Prophet's Hijrah to Madina. Imam congratulates the young Campers for being selected by Allah to attend this three day camp. Alhamdulillah.

Green Camp T-Shirts designed by Sr. Fatima and family, best of gifts for campers along with orientation packets that included a notebook, useful daily Duas, program schedule & yes, a Miswak.....Campers learned to use it during the camp days.....Entire program followed prompt schedule as planned. MA Shaa Allah!

Br. Sohail conducting orientation and disseminating speech topics to Alpha, Delta, Omega teams.

Program included learning Azan, Iqamah, Duas, Salah, Wudu, proper use of Miswak, memorization of many names of Allah with meanings...all from the BEST OF THE BEST, honorable Shaikh Ibraheem Bakeer. Campers are feeling spirit of spiritual moments remembering our greatest "role model", Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

We enjoyed dinner & SMORES @ the BONFIRE

Our Environment: Islamic perspective and relevant Quranic stories by Hafiz, Alim, Dr. Abrar Hussain.... Among the best sessions by Campers Choice!

Camper's speech topic: Make your intention sincere....he is recognized as the most sincere by the Coaches and voted as favorite camper among the group.

Hafiz Abdulaziz speech topic: Importance of Salah.....He is recognized by the Coaches as most knowledgeable with precise Quranic references. Among the most knowledgeable of Deen!

Camper's speech topic: Purpose of life....Described as camper with amazing interpersonal skills.

Camper's speech topic: Differences in opinion and how to unify ourselves.....He is sweetest and favorite of all Coaches!

Camper Hafiz Hamza helps his group memorize dua for parents.....though the youngest of the batch, he is honest and prompt in catching aya references. Also a lover of Naath, Ma Shaa Allah!

Islamaphobia & meaning of Dawa by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, Gain Peace.... Among the favorite sessions by Kids Choice!

Campers truly enjoyed their fun filled Saturday at the Eid-Fest where they participated in out door activities with their favorite Coach Sami. Activities included Tug-of-War, sack race, lemon race, bouncy house, face painting, baloon crafting.

All campers received fifteen tickets to try out variety of home cooked savory food along with flavorful ICE-GOLA, BBQ Chicken, Corn, fruits and much more! In the midst of fun filled day, campers are reminded about purpose of life----Take a break to make wudu and perform Salah. SubhanAllah, praying in congregation under the sky, in a peaceful luscious greenery adds much khushoo to Salah!!!

Fun Saturday ended w Ice cream treat @ the movie, Bilal: "The story of Bilal reminds us that there is nothing more powerful than the human spirit and that we all have the same basic natural rights that can never be taken or given away. It teaches us to embrace our inner strength and cast off the chains within ourselves. To embrace freedom is to live without fear of the chains others may try to place around you."

Campers meet with the Team leader, Sr. Fatima, hands on leader, extraordinary community leader. Empowering our youth and empowering them with the resources to be model citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Importance of Physical fitness in Islam by Br. Shakeel Shafiuddin, Certified Athletic Trainer....we learned, we played & tested the healthy snacks with Incredible and most professional yet fun Athletic Trainers.

Having a great time at the Independence Grove Park. Activities included a fun and relaxing boat ride!!!! We learned that when it's time to pray we simply pray!

Three days camp ended with a beautiful and inspiring Nasheeds with our Shaikh Ibraheem Bakeer and our campers Hafiz Abdulaziz & Hafiz Hamza. Ma Shaa Allah! Alhumdulullah!

Rahmah Happy Campers Journey to Bliss : First Series - SUMMER OF SUNNAH concluded with a unanimous vote to come back in Fall 2018. Watch out for another Journey to Bliss: Stories n Events to Inspire Muslim Youth to discover & Follow their Passion to Eternity @ Rahmah. In Shaa Allah.

Our sincere thanks to:
Dr. Iqbal Anwar from New York;
Dr. Arham Hussain,
Dr. Taariq Khan and Sr. Samreen.
May Allah SWT reward you for the generous support and sponsorship. Ameen.

Our sincere thanks to: Walmart Target Home Depot Sam's Club Dunkin donuts Domino's Pizza

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