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Masjid Rahmah


Masjid Rahmah


Eid ul Adha Prayers 2018 at Rahmah Masjid

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​Great America Islamic Center

Rahmah Foundation
134 W. Monaville Road
Lake Villa, IL 60046
Tel : 847-609-6822  /  224-372-5477
email: contact@rahmahfoundation. net or rahmahfoundationinc@gmail. com

Contacts For Male Members:
Sohail Farooqui : 847.609.6822
Ashfaq Hussain : 773.501.4479

Contacts For Female Members:
Talat Farooqui : 847.609.2173

Samreen Khan: 847.975.2326
Fatima Ashfaq : 847.312.9776 

​Once we have an open house and meet the community, we will enroll community members who will be active participants in managing the facility assisting the Governing body in making Rahmah Foundation projects a collective community success. 

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