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Masjid Rahmah


Eid ul Adha Prayers 2018 at Rahmah Masjid

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Our Motto:

Compassionate Bonding of American Muslim Communities

​Rahmah Foundation is the brain child of a concerned Mother, Wife and Grandma. A philanthropist seeking to serve for the pleasure of Allah. Her vision includes to lay the islamic foundation for toddlers, development of children and youth in an islamic environment; and provide adults the platform to secure their children's upbringing with Islamic Values and Character.

Also, one of the goals is to reward our Seniors with Love and affectionate care with a 5-StarSenior living facility for them.... An insignificant effort for the most significant persons of our society.

Our Foundation has secured a mega building consisting a masjid, day care center and regular school with a Super sized Gym (34,600 sqft) with plenty of parking spaces. The property also has 12 acres of land area which will be developed under a 5-year plan consisting of the following projects below.

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Rahmah Foundation's Vision, Mission & Values

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