Masjid Rahmah

Masjid Rahmah

Eid ul Adha Prayers 2018 at Rahmah Masjid

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Hifz School

Hifz School

Quran Institute

A full time Hifz school for parents wanting their children to memorize Holy Quran, Ahadees and learn Islamic history

Get involved

Get involved

Get involved

Get involved to enhance our communities spiritual and moral development.

President's Welcome,

Dear Brothers & Sisters at Lake Villa and Surrounding Muslim Communities, Assalamoalaikum,

As a member of the Governing body of Majid-E-Rahmah established in January 2017 as Great America Rahmah Islamic Center (GARIC) for the residents of Lake Villa and Surrounding Muslim Communities, I Invite you to visit and participate in the five daily Prayer congregations and in Saturday/Sunday school activities for our communities.  

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Rahmah Foundation's Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: Rahmah Foundation (RF) was established in May 2016 with the sole intention of serving the Islamic Communities of United States of America. it is the intention of the founders to provide spiritual and moral guidance to the communities at large based on the Quranic Sciences.

RF envisions to enlighten the communities in the neighborhood and across United States of America with the message of Peace and Tranquility Islam offers for the well being of the societies. Societies that can peacefully co-exist and advance together spiritually as well as economically.

RF is charting a robust Outreach Program for all communities to include both Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. Our programs are youth-centric to guide the new generation with a balanced approach of modernization along the lines of Quranic Sciences.

Mission: Elevate Muslims Hearts to one of utmost compassion, and facilitate our life journey through excellence in sprituality and help establish strong American Muslim communities. 

Values: Leading by Faith

Governing Body